September 2011
Grado Labs is pleased to announce the release of a new headphone:

The PS 500
The PS 500 is now a family member in the Grado Professional Series

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”… Grado Labs takes “IP” learned from the development of the State of the Art PS1000 and has applied it to a form factor that is compact resulting in the PS500. The PS500 creates an articulate and dynamic musical presentation that will put a smile on the most demanding sound professionals and music enthusiasts.


Phono Cartridges

GRADO is happy to announce several substantial improvements of their cartridges in the following series:

4 improvements:


The Prestige series was not left behind…

The 3 first improvements of the Statement and Reference series have been applied to the prestige series.

These changes are reflected in the designation: a Gold became a Gold 1, a Sonata  a Sonata 1 and so on.



Soon after the cartridges were “revisited’’, GRADO went back to the headphones drawing board: a series of modifications followed, the suffix “i’’ was added to the model number, e.g. RS2i. One model already had an “i’’: the SR325i (reflecting the antique brass finish of the 50th anniversary) the SR325i became SR325is.


Updated: May 13th 2011