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Changes at GRADO are rare and usually far apart. Model changes are even rarer but, to baffle tradition GRADO is announcing a new Series:

The ''e'' Series
The new models are:
• Prestige Series: SR60e, SR80e, SR125e, SR225e and SR325e
• Reference Series: RS2e and RS1e
• Statement Series: GS1000e
• PRO Series: PS500e and PS1000e

The look remains unchanged…

List of improvements:

• All models above have new transducers featuring a lighter but stiffer diaphragm and a magnet with a more linear magnetic field throughout the band pass.
• Massive transducers for the RS1e, GS1000e and PS1000e
• An interesting new plastic named ''Space black'' will absorb excess energy and reduce secondary impulse for a clearer tone
• For those headphones using mahogany, the wood grain will be carefully taken into consideration, not for cosmetic purpose but for sonic results. The new curing method of the wood enhances its natural ability to reduce sound coloration and produce consistent results
• New 8 conductor cable with 3.5mm plug (and metal adaptor) will be used on SR125e, SR225e, SR325e, RS2e and PS500e. SR60e and SR80e have a 4 conductor cable and a 3.5mm plug. The GS1000e and PS1000e only will retain their ¼'' plug
• Rhodium, the most expensive precious metal on earth, is employed to prevent corrosion on connectors and unwanted graininess in your music
• Design refinements within the housing prevent stray resonances from interacting with the driver thus protecting the purity of the reproduction
• Every single component, surface and material used in the e Series has been upgraded and optimized for one purpose: outstanding dynamic and fidelity
• Even the glues are new, optimized for greater strength, less mass and better reliability

If you are looking for one reason to buy an e Series headphones, here it is: they bring you closer to your favorite artist. Your listening experience will feel more intimate because nothing stands between your ears and the performance



Updated: August 2014